Family Camping Package

Get all the equipment you need for your weekend camp-out for just $99/night.

Experience the outdoors with your family without spending hundreds of dollars on all the camping equipment. Rexburg Camp Rentals has a camping package with everything you need for an outdoor adventure and family fun. Enjoy the outdoors without having to skip out on many of the fun camping activities. Our Family Camping Package includes everything you need to enjoy a great meal with your family by the fire and good nights sleep. Book your family camping trip today and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones!

Equipment Includes:


☐  4 X 6 Enclosed Trailer

☐  Hitch Lock

☐  Tire Lock

☐  Door Padlock



☐  Super Deluxe 8 man Kodiak 10X14 Canvas Tent

☐  Tent Ground Tarp

☐  EZ-UP Instant Shelter

☐  Tent Rug

☐  Hammer


Camp Furniture

☐  (2) Camp Cots

☐  Disc-O-Bed XL Cot Bunk Beds

☐  (4) Camp Chairs

☐  Camp Table


Camp Kitchen

☐  2 Burner Camp Stove

☐  Cooking Pot and Frying Pan

☐  Camp Griddle

☐  Cooking Utensils

☐  Plates and Cups

☐  Eating Utensils

☐  (4) Hot Dog Sticks

☐  Fire Grate

☐  Water container

☐  2 Wash Tubs

☐  Hose with Sprayer

☐  Cooler/Refrigerator

☐  12 inch Dutch Oven

☐  (4) Pie Irons

☐  Lighter

☐  Paper Towels

☐  Can Opener

☐  Dish Soap

☐  Hand Soap

☐  Pan Scrubber


Gadgets and Gear

☐  2 Lanterns (battery)

☐  Lantern (Propane)

☐  Flashlight

☐  Bucket

☐  Camp Axe

☐  Hatchet

☐  Leather Gloves

☐  Shovel

☐  12 Volt Camp Power Pack

☐  Broom and Dust Pan

☐  Propane and Tank


Health and Safety

☐  Toilet Paper

☐  First Aid Kit

☐  Fire Extinguisher


We will even deliver “The Camp Gear Box” to your favorite camping spot!**

** Delivered Within 30 miles of Rexburg Idaho.


ADD ONS (Extra):

Sleeping Bags


Tent heater

Camp Chef Stove



Port -a-Potty Tent

Bear Spray